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A139: Game status buffer entry at A139
mode_128k A139 DEFB $00 0/1 => 48K/128K mode
current_stage_number A13A DEFB $01 Current stage number
start_speech_cycle A13B DEFB $04 Used by 8424 -- seems to start at 4 then cycle 3/2/1 with each restart of the game, another random factor?
overtake_bonus A13C DEFB $00 Overtake combo bonus counter. BCD. This increases by 2 for each overtake and is reset on a crash.
credits A13D DEFB $00 Number of credits remaining (2 for a new game)
Data copied to $A16D+.
saved_game_state A13E DEFB $01 Copied to var_a16d
A13F DEFB $64 Copied to idle_timer
A140 DEFB $FF Copied to user_input_mask
A141 DEFB $03 Copied to turbos
A142 DEFW $0054 Copied to horizon_level
A144 DEFB $14 Copied to var_A173
A145 DEFB $FF Copied to displayed_gear
A146 DEFB $FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF Copied to score_digits
A14E DEFB $0F Copied to time_sixteenths
A14F DEFB $60 Copied to time_digits
A151 DEFB $FF,$FF,$FF,$FF Copied to distance_digits
A156 DEFB $01 Copied to no_objects_counter
A157 DEFW $59BF Copied to horizon_attribute
A159 DEFB $00 Copied to hazards[0].0
A15A DEFB $64 Copied to hazards[0].1
A15B DEFB $00 Copied to hazards[0].2
A15C DEFB $00 Copied to hazards[0].3
A15D DEFB $00 Copied to hazards[0].4
A15E DEFB $47 Copied to hazards[0].5
A15F DEFB $00 Copied to hazards[0].6
A160 DEFB $00 Copied to hazards[0].7
A161 DEFB $2C Copied to hazards[0].8
A162 DEFW $0000 Copied to hazards[0].9 (car LOD)
A164 DEFW smash_handler Copied to hazards[0].11 (== smash_handler)
A166 DEFW $003C Copied to hazards[0].13 (horz pos)
A168 DEFB $FF Copied to hazards[0].15
A169 DEFB $00 Copied to hazards[0].16
A16A DEFB $03 Copied to hazards[0].17
A16B DEFB $02 Copied to hazards[0].18
A16C DEFB $00 Copied to hazards[0].19
var_a16d A16D DEFB $00 Used by BC36
idle_timer A16E DEFB $00 Idle timer. Counts down from 100. Recommences whenever the hero car is stopped. When it hits zero Raymond will say "LET'S GET MOVIN' MAN!" and it will be reset to 100.
user_input_mask A16F DEFB $00 User input mask, set to $C0 (Quit+Pause) when perp is fully smashed, or $FF otherwise
turbos A170 DEFB $00 Number of turbo boosts remaining (3 for a new game)
horizon_level A171 DEFW $0000 seems to be the horizon level, possibly relative (used during attract mode)
var_A173 A173 DEFB $00 This is decremented by 8BC6 but nothing else seems to read it.
displayed_gear A174 DEFB $00 Low/high gear flag.
score_digits A175 DEFB $00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00 Score digits. One digit per byte, least significant first. This seems to be recording what's on screen so digit plotting can be bypassed.
time_sixteenths A17D DEFB $00 Seems to be a 1/16ths second counter. Counts from $F to $0. time_bcd is decremented when it hits zero.
time_bcd A17E DEFB $00 Time remaining. Stored as BCD.
time_digits A17F DEFB $00,$00 Time remaining as displayed. Stored as one digit per byte.
distance_digits A181 DEFB $00,$00,$00,$00 Distance as displayed. Stored as one digit per byte.
no_objects_counter A185 DEFB $00 If set causes no objects or hazards to be emitted.
horizon_attribute A186 DEFW $0000 Attribute address of horizon. Points to last attribute on the line which shows the ground. (e.g. $59DF)
Table of spawned vehicles and/or objects
Each entry is 20 bytes long. The first entry is the perp.
Hazard structure layout:
+0 is $FF if this hazard is used, $00 otherwise
+1 looks distance related
+2 TBD
+3 TBD
+4 TBD
+5 TBD
+6 TBD
+7 byte TBD used by hazard_hit
+8 byte gets copied from the hazards table
+9 word address of LOD
+11 word address of routine
+13 word horizontal position, e.g. $190
+15 byte TBD used by hazard_hit, counter which gets set to 2 then reduced
+16 byte TBD
+17 byte TBD used by hazard_hit, indexes table table_acdb
+18 byte TBD used by hazard_hit
+19 byte TBD used by hazard_hit
hazard_0 A188 DEFS $14
hazard_1 A19C DEFS $14
hazard_2 A1B0 DEFS $14
hazard_3 A1C4 DEFS $14
hazard_4 A1D8 DEFS $14
hazard_5 A1EC DEFS $14
Unknown - not enough space for another hazard
A200 DEFS $13
AY registers 0..11 [128K]
ay_chan_a_pitch A213 DEFW $0000 0,1: Channel A pitch (fine,course=lo,hi)
ay_chan_b_pitch A215 DEFW $0000 2,3: Channel B pitch
ay_chan_c_pitch A217 DEFW $0000 4,5: Channel C pitch - used for engine tone?
ay_noise_pitch A219 DEFB $00 6: Noise pitch
ay_mixer A21A DEFB $00 7: Mixer
ay_chan_a_vol A21B DEFB $00 8: Channel A volume
ay_chan_b_vol A21C DEFB $00 9: Channel B volume
ay_chan_c_vol A21D DEFB $00 10: Channel C volume
ay_env_fine A21E DEFB $00 11: Envelope fine duration
End of AY registers
A21F DEFB $00 Unused?
var_a220 A220 DEFB $00 load_stage sets this to the level number that it's going to load [but I don't see it using it again]. run_pregame_screen sets it to $F8. draw_screen uses it to avoid some work.
Affects collision detection on the left hand side.
inhibit_collision_detection A221 DEFB $00 ABCE, sub_ad0d reads
var_a222 A222 DEFB $00 8F9A reads draw_hazards, AE83, AF41 writes
displayed_stage A223 DEFB $00 Stage number as shown on the scoreboard. Stored as ASCII.
helicopter_control A224 DEFB $00 Set to 1 -> helicopter moves out to the left, gets set to zero. Set to 3/4 -> Helicopter moves in from left, gets set to five. move_helicopter, helicopter reads AB96, C013 writes
stop_car_spawning A225 DEFB $00 Inhibits cars from spawning.
correct_fork A226 DEFB $00 Holds the correct direction to take at forks (1 => left, 2 => right).
floating_arrow A227 DEFB $00 Shows the floating left/right arrow (0 => off, 1 => left, 2 => right).
var_a228 A228 DEFB $00 B421 reads B4C8 writes
time_up_state A229 DEFB $00 1 => out of time, 2 => "TIME UP" message is printed; 3 => "CONTINUE THIS MISSION" message is printed and a countdown runs 4 => countdown elapsed; 0 otherwise
var_a22a A22A DEFB $00 Used by sub_b67c_3 and others
allow_overtake_bonus A22B DEFB $00 Enables overtake bonus. Used by calc_overtake_bonus and others.
trigger_bonus_flag A22C DEFB $00 Bonus flag (1 triggers the effect)
bonus_counter A22D DEFB $00 Counter for bonus flash effect (counts 8..0)
sighted_flag A22E DEFB $00 Set to 1 when the perp has been sighted. Enables flashing lights and the smash bar.
var_a22f A22F DEFB $00 Set to 2 by fully_smashed
perp_caught_stage A230 DEFB $00 Set to > 0 by fully_smashed when the perp has been caught. handle_perp_caught progresses this through stages 1..6 until the cars are slowed to a halt and the bonuses are printed. Used by draw_screen. Seems to inhibit car spawning too.
transition_control A231 DEFB $00 Transition control/counter. Set to zero when fill_attributes has run. Set to 4 while transitioning. Also 2 sometimes. Set to 1 when the perp has been caught and we're drawing mugshots.
smash_factor A232 DEFB $00 Set to 0..6 if (0..3, 4..6, 7..10, 11..13, 14..16, 17+) smashes
smash_counter A233 DEFB $00 Smash counter (0..20)
counter_A A234 DEFB $00 Cycles 0-1-2-3 as the game runs (used to animate turbo smoke CHECK)
counter_B A235 DEFB $00 Cycles 0-1 as the game runs (used to toggle flash the red/blue lights)
counter_C A236 DEFB $00 Cycles 0-1-2-3 as the game runs - at half rate
These seem to get altered even when no sound is being produced.
sfx_0 A237 DEFB $00 Used by start_sfx
sfx_1 A238 DEFB $00 Used by start_sfx
var_a239 A239 DEFB $00 Used by F265 [128K] Siren related.
var_a23a A23A DEFB $00 Used by F2F6 [128K] Copy of noise pitch.
tunnel_sfx A23B DEFB $00 Set to 5 when we're in a tunnel. Used to modulate sfx.
var_a23c A23C DEFB $00 8909, BE28 reads check_collisions_2, BDFF, BE2C writes
var_a23d A23D DEFB $00 BE33 reads 890F, A3D2, BDFC, BE37 writes
off_road A23E DEFB $00 0 => Fully on-road, 1 => One wheel off-road, 2 => Both wheels off-road [samples: B104, B40C reads cc_split_set, cc_not_split_set, B07D, B322, B404, B443 writes]
fast_counter A23F DEFB $00 This is a very fast counter related to level position. Typically the top three bits are masked off and used to index other tables.
road_buffer_offset A240 DEFW $0000 Current offset (in bytes) into the road buffer at $EE00..$EEFF. Much of the code treats this as a byte. Used by sub_b8d2_2, BBF7, 87E0.
curvature_byte A242 DEFB $00 Current curvature byte (minus 16) [BE3E reads BC17,rm_save_curvature_byte writes]
height_byte A243 DEFB $00 Current height byte (minus 16) [BE90 reads BC1A,rm_save_height_byte writes]
leftside_byte A244 DEFB $00 [BF9E reads BC1D,rm_leftside_count_resume writes]
rightside_byte A245 DEFB $00 Current rightside byte [rm_rightside reads BC20,rm_rightside_count_resume writes]
hazards_byte A246 DEFB $00 Current hazards byte (minus one) [BFE7 reads BC23,rm_no_hazards writes]
lanes_counter_byte A247 DEFB $00 [BEDB reads BC26,BF15,rm_lanes_count_resume writes]
var_a248 A248 DEFB $00 [main_loop_18 reads C457,main_loop_13_8 writes]
fork_taken A249 DEFB $00 Set to 0 if no fork, or the left fork was taken, or 1 if the right fork was taken. [$A539,$B988,$BAE0,$BB6E reads main_loop_12_5,BC2C writes]
speed A24A DEFW $0000 Speed (0..511). Max when in lo gear =~ $E6, hi gear =~ $168, turbo =~ $1FF.
var_a24c A24C DEFB $00 move_hero_car_14 reads move_hero_car_17 writes
cornering A24D DEFB $00 Likely a cornering force flag. Used to trigger smoke. B3B4, B432 reads move_hero_car_38, B314, B32A writes
boost A24E DEFB $00 Turbo boost time remaining (60..0)
smoke A24F DEFB $00 Smoke time remaining. This is set to 4 on low-to-high gear changes and to 3 when the hero car lands after a jump. This isn't set for turbo boosts however.
turn_speed A250 DEFB $00 Turn speed (0/1/2) ignoring direction
flip A251 DEFB $00 1 => Horizontally flip the hero car, 0 => Don't
var_a252 A252 DEFB $00
gear A253 DEFB $00 0 => Low gear, 1 => High gear
another_spawning_flag A254 DEFB $00 Cleared by 884B suspected spawning flag (different to flag stop_car_spawning)
distance_bcd A255 DEFB $00,$00 Distance as BCD (2 bytes / 4 digits, little endian)
var_a257 A257 DEFB $00 Unused
var_a258 A258 DEFB $00 Used by B8D8
var_a259 A259 DEFB $00 Used by B92B
var_a25a A25A DEFB $00 Used by sub_b8d2
var_a25b A25B DEFB $00
Horizon horizontal scrolling (+ve for left, -ve for right). Seems to be multiples of two. Values seen: FA FC FE 00 02 04 06
horizon_scroll A25C DEFB $00 Used by B84E
var_a25d A25D DEFB $00 Used by B85D
var_a25e A25E DEFB $00
var_a25f A25F DEFW $0000 Used by move_hero_car_32
var_a261 A261 DEFB $00 Used by B297
var_a262 A262 DEFB $00
var_a263 A263 DEFB $00 Used by B2AE
var_a264 A264 DEFB $00 Used by B2B2 -- together might be a 16-bit qty
split_road A265 DEFB $00 Used by BC2C -- set to $60 when the split road becomes visible, zero otherwise
split_road_countdown A266 DEFB $00 Used by A3A6 -- counts down (from 16?) when the split road approaches, zero when the split actually starts
var_a267 A267 DEFW $0000 Used by BC39 -- as 16-bit. Part used by road_handling_setup - skips routine if not set
var_a269 A269 DEFB $00 Used by BC29
quit_state A26A DEFB $00 0 if not quitting, or 1/2 depending on quit state
start_speech A26B DEFB $00 Used by 8432 - index of speech sample to play
road_pos A26C DEFW $0000 Road position of car. Left..Right = $1E2...$03A, $105 is centre.
road_curvature_ptr A26E DEFW $0000 Address of the previous curvature data byte
road_height_ptr A270 DEFW $0000 Address of the previous height data byte
road_lanes_ptr A272 DEFW $0000 Address of the previous lane data byte
road_rightside_ptr A274 DEFW $0000 Address of the previous right object data byte
road_leftside_ptr A276 DEFW $0000 Address of the previous left object data byte
road_hazard_ptr A278 DEFW $0000 Address of the previous hazard object data byte
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