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916C: Draws stretchy objects, such as trees.
Used by the routine at draw_overhead.
B ? value that affects scaling
DE Address of graphic data [structure type yet to be named] (e.g. stretchy_shortpole/stretchy_shortpole)
Entry point for left hand objects.
draw_stretchy_object_left 916C LD HL,$9293 HL = $9293 -- callback address
916F JR dso_common
Entry point for right hand objects.
draw_stretchy_object_right 9171 LD HL,$92FC HL = $92FC -- callback address
dso_common 9174 LD ($91CE),HL Self modify CALL at $91CD to call HL
9177 LD ($9244),HL Self modify CALL at $9243 to call HL
917A LD A,($A23F) A = fast_counter & $E0
917D AND $E0
Reduces A by 31.25%. A = 0..224 (in steps of 16) becomes 0..154.
917F LD L,A L = A -- nothing will rotate out due to AND $E0
9180 RRC L L >>= 2
9182 RRC L
9184 SUB L A -= L
9185 RRC L L >>= 2
9187 RRC L
9189 SUB L A -= L
918A ADD A,B B is the value passed in
Look up that value in $E600[].
918B LD L,A HL = $E600 + L
918C LD H,$E6
918E LD A,(HL) A = *HL
918F LD ($91DC),A Self modify 'LD A,x' at 91DB to load A
9192 EX DE,HL Swap
9193 LD A,B A = min(B,10)
9194 CP $0A
9196 JR C,draw_stretchy_object_left_0
9198 LD A,$0A
draw_stretchy_object_left_0 919A RLCA DE = A * 2 - 1 -- the -1 accounts for later pointer position
919B DEC A
919C LD E,A
919D LD D,$00
919F LD C,D C = 0
91A0 LD ($91BB),DE Self modify 'LD BC,xxxx' at 91BA to load DE
dso_loop 91A4 LD A,C A = -C
91A5 NEG
91A7 LD ($933E),A Self modify 'LD D,x' @ draw_object_right_8 to load A
91AA LD B,(HL) B = *HL - 1 -- read count byte from graphic stream, e.g. stretchy_shortpole + 0
91AC RET Z Return if count byte was 1 (terminator)
91AD INC HL Advance past count byte
91AE LD E,(HL) Read address of ? data to DE, e.g. shortpole_7e0c
91B0 LD D,(HL)
91B2 PUSH HL Preserve HL, IX, BC
91B6 EX DE,HL Swap
91B7 LD E,(HL) DE = wordat(HL); HL++ -- this is the LOD pointer e.g. streetlampbody_lods
91B9 LD D,(HL)
This seems to be a 0..9 value that selects from the table.
91BA LD BC,$0000 HL += <self modified> -- by 91A0, this is the table offset from earlier
HL now points to an entry in the table. Load it.
91BE LD A,(HL) A = *HL++ -- e.g. 0
91C0 LD L,(HL) HL = *HL -- e.g. $56
91C1 LD H,$00
91C3 ADD HL,DE HL += DE -- so HL's an offset from streetlampbody_lods
91C4 POP BC Restore BC
91C5 DEC B B-- -- e.g. cmd byte 2 would be 0 after this
91C6 JR NZ,dso_dispatch Jump to dispatch for cmd bytes 3+
Zero path => command byte was 2
91C8 LD B,(HL) B = *HL
91C9 DEC HL HL -= 2
91CB PUSH BC Preserve BC
91CC LD B,A B = A
91CD CALL draw_object_left_stretchy_entrypt Call <self modified> -- callback
dso_loop_perhaps 91D0 POP BC Restore BC
91D1 LD A,C C += B
91D2 ADD A,B
91D3 LD C,A
91D4 POP IX Restore IX, HL
91D7 JP dso_loop Loop dso_loop
Non-zero path
dso_dispatch 91DA EX AF,AF' Bank <byte[0] of table entry, loaded at 91BE>
91DB LD A,$00 A = <self modified>
Dispatch ladder
91DD DEC B Jump if 3
91DE JR Z,dso_case_3
91E0 DEC B Jump if 4
91E1 JR Z,dso_case_4
91E3 DEC B Jump if 5
91E4 JR Z,dso_case_5
91E6 DEC B Jump if 6
91E7 JR Z,dso_case_6
91E9 DEC B Jump if 7
91EA JR Z,dso_case_7
91EC DEC B Jump if 8
91ED JR Z,dso_case_8
91EF DEC B Jump to continue if 9
91F0 JR Z,dso_continue
91F2 ADD A,A A += A
91F3 JR dso_continue Continue
dso_case_8 91F5 SRL A A >>= 2
91F7 SRL A
91F9 JR dso_continue Continue
dso_case_7 91FB SRL A
91FD LD B,A B = A
9200 ADD A,B A += B
9201 JR dso_continue Continue
dso_case_6 9203 SRL A
9205 LD B,A B = A
9206 SRL B B >>= 2
9208 SRL B
920A SUB B A -= B
920B JR dso_continue Continue
dso_case_5 920D LD B,A B = A
920E SRL B B >>= 3
9210 SRL B
9212 SRL B
9214 ADD A,B A += B
9215 JR dso_continue Continue
dso_case_4 9217 SRL A
9219 JR dso_continue Continue
dso_case_3 921B LD B,A B = A
921C SRL B
921E ADD A,B A += B
dso_continue 921F SUB C A -= C
9220 JR Z,draw_stretchy_object_left_1
9222 JR NC,draw_stretchy_object_left_2 C was >= A
draw_stretchy_object_left_1 9224 LD A,$01 A = 1
draw_stretchy_object_left_2 9226 LD B,A B = A
9227 PUSH BC
9228 LD A,(IY+$35) A = IY[$35] + 1 - C - B
922B INC A
922C SUB C
922D SUB B
922E JR NC,draw_stretchy_object_left_3
9230 ADD A,B B += A
9231 LD B,A
draw_stretchy_object_left_3 9232 LD A,B A = B
9233 LD ($9405),A *$9405 = A
9236 LD A,(HL) A = *HL
9237 DEC HL HL -= 2
9238 DEC HL
9239 LD ($9416),A *$9416 = A
923C LD A,$02 A = $02
923E LD ($93C1),A Self modify 'LD A,x' @ 93C0 to load 2
9241 EX AF,AF'
9242 LD B,A B = A
9243 CALL draw_object_left_stretchy_entrypt Call <self modified>
9246 XOR A Self modify 'LD A,x' @ 93C0 to load 0
9247 LD ($93C1),A
924A JP dso_loop_perhaps Loop to dso_loop_perhaps
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