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7E05: [Graphics] Street lamps etc.
Used for both left and right variations.
stretchy_shortpole 7E05 DEFB $02
7E06 DEFW shortpole_7e0c
7E08 DEFB $04
7E09 DEFW shortpole_7e22
7E0B DEFB $01 1 => end
shortpole_7e0c 7E0C DEFW streetlampbody_lods -> streetlampbody_lods
7E0E DEFB $00,$02
7E10 DEFB $00,$02
7E12 DEFB $00,$17
7E14 DEFB $00,$17
7E16 DEFB $00,$2C
7E18 DEFB $00,$2C
7E1A DEFB $00,$41
7E1C DEFB $00,$41
7E1E DEFB $00,$56
7E20 DEFB $00,$56
shortpole_7e22 7E22 DEFW streetlampbody_lods
7E24 DEFB $00,$09
7E26 DEFB $00,$09
7E28 DEFB $00,$1E
7E2A DEFB $00,$1E
7E2C DEFB $00,$33
7E2E DEFB $00,$33
7E30 DEFB $00,$48
7E32 DEFB $00,$48
7E34 DEFB $00,$5D
7E36 DEFB $00,$5D
streetlampbody_7e38 7E38 DEFW streetlampbody_lods
7E3A DEFB $28,$02
7E3C DEFB $20,$02
7E3E DEFB $18,$17
7E40 DEFB $18,$17
7E42 DEFB $14,$2C
7E44 DEFB $14,$2C
7E46 DEFB $10,$41
7E48 DEFB $10,$41
7E4A DEFB $0C,$56
7E4C DEFB $0C,$56
streetlampbody_7e4e 7E4E DEFW streetlampbody_lods
7E50 DEFB $28,$02
7E52 DEFB $20,$02
7E54 DEFB $18,$17
7E56 DEFB $18,$17
7E58 DEFB $14,$2C
7E5A DEFB $14,$2C
7E5C DEFB $10,$41
7E5E DEFB $10,$41
7E60 DEFB $04,$56
7E62 DEFB $04,$56
streetlampbody_7e64 7E64 DEFW streetlampbody_lods
7E66 DEFB $28,$09
7E68 DEFB $20,$09
7E6A DEFB $18,$1E
7E6C DEFB $18,$1E
7E6E DEFB $14,$33
7E70 DEFB $14,$33
7E72 DEFB $10,$48
7E74 DEFB $10,$48
7E76 DEFB $0C,$5D
7E78 DEFB $0C,$5D
streetlampbody_7e7a 7E7A DEFW streetlampbody_lods
7E7C DEFB $28,$09
7E7E DEFB $20,$09
7E80 DEFB $18,$1E
7E82 DEFB $18,$1E
7E84 DEFB $14,$33
7E86 DEFB $14,$33
7E88 DEFB $10,$48
7E8A DEFB $10,$48
7E8C DEFB $04,$5D
7E8E DEFB $04,$5D
streetlampbody_7e90 7E90 DEFW streetlampbody_lods
7E92 DEFB $28,$10
7E94 DEFB $20,$10
7E96 DEFB $18,$25
7E98 DEFB $18,$25
7E9A DEFB $14,$3A
7E9C DEFB $14,$3A
7E9E DEFB $10,$4F
7EA0 DEFB $10,$4F
7EA2 DEFB $0C,$64
7EA4 DEFB $0C,$64
streetlampbody_7ea6 7EA6 DEFW streetlampbody_lods
7EA8 DEFB $28,$10
7EAA DEFB $20,$10
7EAC DEFB $18,$25
7EAE DEFB $18,$25
7EB0 DEFB $14,$3A
7EB2 DEFB $14,$3A
7EB4 DEFB $10,$4F
7EB6 DEFB $10,$4F
7EB8 DEFB $04,$64
7EBA DEFB $04,$64
streetlampbody_lods 7EBC DEFB $01 Width (bytes)
7EBD DEFB $01 Flags
7EBE DEFB $02 Height (pixels)
7EBF DEFW bitmap_streetlampbody_1 Bitmap
7EC1 DEFW bitmap_streetlampbody_1 Pre-shifted bitmap
7EC3 DEFB $01 Width (bytes)
7EC4 DEFB $01 Flags
7EC5 DEFB $02 Height (pixels)
7EC6 DEFW bitmap_streetlampbody_2 Bitmap
7EC8 DEFW bitmap_streetlampbody_2 Pre-shifted bitmap
7ECA DEFB $01 Width (bytes)
7ECB DEFB $01 Flags
7ECC DEFB $02 Height (pixels)
7ECD DEFW bitmap_streetlampbody_3 Bitmap
7ECF DEFW bitmap_streetlampbody_3 Pre-shifted bitmap
7ED1 DEFB $01 Width (bytes)
7ED2 DEFB $01 Flags
7ED3 DEFB $02 Height (pixels)
7ED4 DEFW bitmap_streetlampbody_4 Bitmap
7ED6 DEFW bitmap_streetlampbody_4 Pre-shifted bitmap
7ED8 DEFB $01 Width (bytes)
7ED9 DEFB $01 Flags
7EDA DEFB $02 Height (pixels)
7EDB DEFW bitmap_streetlampbody_5 Bitmap
7EDD DEFW bitmap_streetlampbody_5 Pre-shifted bitmap
7EDF DEFB $01 Width (bytes)
7EE0 DEFB $01 Flags
7EE1 DEFB $02 Height (pixels)
7EE2 DEFW bitmap_streetlampbody_6 Bitmap
7EE4 DEFW bitmap_streetlampbody_6 Pre-shifted bitmap
7EE6 DEFB $01 Width (bytes)
7EE7 DEFB $01 Flags
7EE8 DEFB $01 Height (pixels)
7EE9 DEFW bitmap_streetlampbody_7 Bitmap
7EEB DEFW bitmap_streetlampbody_7s Pre-shifted bitmap
7EED DEFB $01 Width (bytes)
7EEE DEFB $01 Flags
7EEF DEFB $02 Height (pixels)
7EF0 DEFW bitmap_streetlampbody_8 Bitmap
7EF2 DEFW bitmap_streetlampbody_8s Pre-shifted bitmap
7EF4 DEFB $01 Width (bytes)
7EF5 DEFB $01 Flags
7EF6 DEFB $02 Height (pixels)
7EF7 DEFW bitmap_streetlampbody_9 Bitmap
7EF9 DEFW bitmap_streetlampbody_9s Pre-shifted bitmap
7EFB DEFB $01 Width (bytes)
7EFC DEFB $01 Flags
7EFD DEFB $01 Height (pixels)
7EFE DEFW bitmap_streetlampbody_10 Bitmap
7F00 DEFW bitmap_streetlampbody_10s Pre-shifted bitmap
7F02 DEFB $01 Width (bytes)
7F03 DEFB $01 Flags
7F04 DEFB $02 Height (pixels)
7F05 DEFW bitmap_streetlampbody_11 Bitmap
7F07 DEFW bitmap_streetlampbody_11s Pre-shifted bitmap
7F09 DEFB $01 Width (bytes)
7F0A DEFB $01 Flags
7F0B DEFB $02 Height (pixels)
7F0C DEFW bitmap_streetlampbody_12 Bitmap
7F0E DEFW bitmap_streetlampbody_12s Pre-shifted bitmap
7F10 DEFB $02 Width (bytes)
7F11 DEFB $01 Flags
7F12 DEFB $01 Height (pixels)
7F13 DEFW bitmap_streetlampbody_13 Bitmap
7F15 DEFW bitmap_streetlampbody_13s Pre-shifted bitmap
7F17 DEFB $02 Width (bytes)
7F18 DEFB $01 Flags
7F19 DEFB $02 Height (pixels)
7F1A DEFW bitmap_streetlampbody_14 Bitmap
7F1C DEFW bitmap_streetlampbody_14s Pre-shifted bitmap
7F1E DEFB $02 Width (bytes)
7F1F DEFB $01 Flags
7F20 DEFB $02 Height (pixels)
7F21 DEFW bitmap_streetlampbody_15 Bitmap
7F23 DEFW bitmap_streetlampbody_15s Pre-shifted bitmap
Bottom two rows of largest scale lamppost.
bitmap_streetlampbody_1 7F25 DEFB $81,$7E,$01,$E6 Masked bitmap data
Bottom repeating section of largest scale lamppost.
bitmap_streetlampbody_2 7F29 DEFB $01,$C2,$01,$A2 Masked bitmap data
Upper repeating section of largest scale lamppost.
bitmap_streetlampbody_3 7F2D DEFB $83,$64,$83,$44 Masked bitmap data
bitmap_streetlampbody_4 7F31 DEFB $C3,$3C,$81,$56 Masked bitmap data
bitmap_streetlampbody_5 7F35 DEFB $83,$64,$83,$44 Masked bitmap data
bitmap_streetlampbody_6 7F39 DEFB $87,$48,$87,$48 Masked bitmap data
bitmap_streetlampbody_7 7F3D DEFB $0F,$F0 Masked bitmap data
bitmap_streetlampbody_8 7F3F DEFB $0F,$D0,$0F,$D0 Masked bitmap data
bitmap_streetlampbody_9 7F43 DEFB $1F,$A0,$1F,$A0 Masked bitmap data
bitmap_streetlampbody_7s 7F47 DEFB $F0,$0F Masked bitmap data
bitmap_streetlampbody_8s 7F49 DEFB $F0,$0D,$F0,$0D Masked bitmap data
bitmap_streetlampbody_9s 7F4D DEFB $F1,$0A,$F1,$0A Masked bitmap data
bitmap_streetlampbody_10 7F51 DEFB $C7,$38 Masked bitmap data
bitmap_streetlampbody_11 7F53 DEFB $C7,$28,$C7,$28 Masked bitmap data
bitmap_streetlampbody_12 7F57 DEFB $CF,$30,$CF,$30 Masked bitmap data
bitmap_streetlampbody_10s 7F5B DEFB $F1,$0E Masked bitmap data
bitmap_streetlampbody_11s 7F5D DEFB $F1,$0A,$F1,$0A Masked bitmap data
bitmap_streetlampbody_12s 7F61 DEFB $F3,$0C,$F3,$0C Masked bitmap data
bitmap_streetlampbody_13 7F65 DEFB $FE,$01,$7F,$80 Masked bitmap data
bitmap_streetlampbody_14 7F69 DEFB $FE,$01,$7F,$80,$FE,$01,$7F,$80 Masked bitmap data
bitmap_streetlampbody_15 7F71 DEFB $FF,$00,$7F,$80,$FF,$00,$7F,$80 Masked bitmap data
bitmap_streetlampbody_13s 7F79 DEFB $FF,$00,$E7,$18 Masked bitmap data
bitmap_streetlampbody_14s 7F7D DEFB $FF,$00,$E7,$18,$FF,$00,$E7,$18 Masked bitmap data
bitmap_streetlampbody_15s 7F85 DEFB $FF,$00,$F7,$08,$FF,$00,$F7,$08 Masked bitmap data
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