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8E7E: Message printing related, called for TIME UP, CONTINUE, etc. messages
HL -> something e.g. -> credits_messages
message_printing_related 8E7E LD A,$02 A = 2 -- new value for transition_control
This entry point is used by the routine at handle_perp_caught.
j_8e80 8E80 LD ($A231),A Set transition_control to A
8E83 LD A,(HL) Modify 'LD A' @ 8E49 with frame delay
8E84 LD ($8E4A),A
8E87 INC HL Modify 'LD HL' @ sub_8e42 to be message struct e.g. $82CD
8E88 LD ($8E43),HL
8E8B LD A,$01 Modify 'LD B' @ 8E45 to be 1
8E8D LD ($8E46),A
8E90 RET Return
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