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8C3A: Fully smashed
Used by the routine at smash.
fully_smashed 8C3A LD A,$01 Set perp_caught_stage to 1 - starts the pull over sequence
8C3C LD ($A230),A
8C3F INC A var_a22f = 2
8C40 LD ($A22F),A
8C43 LD A,$14 Set smash_counter to 20
8C45 LD ($A233),A
8C48 LD A,$C0 Set user input mask to (Quit+Pause)
8C4A LD ($A16F),A
8C4D LD HL,$8CD6 Print the "OK! PULL OVER CREEP!" message
8C50 CALL message_printing_related Call message_printing_related
8C53 LD DE,$0190 DE = $190
8C56 JR hpc_set_perp_pos Exit via hpc_set_perp_pos
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