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8A36: Sound effect - "bip-bow"
D Delay at start
E Same as D
sfx_bipbow 8A36 LD C,$14 C = 20
8A38 LD HL,$0505 Inner loop counter. H is decremented and restored from L each loop.
sfx_bipbow_loop 8A3B DEC D Delay loop of D iterations
8A3C JR NZ,sfx_bipbow_loop
8A3E LD D,E D = E
8A3F LD A,$18 Delay loop of (24 - C) iterations
8A41 SUB C
8A42 LD B,A
sfx_bipbow_0 8A43 DJNZ sfx_bipbow_0
8A45 LD A,$18 A = 24 set EAR and MIC bits <not sure of the effect>
8A47 OUT ($FE),A Output A
8A49 LD B,C Delay loop of C iterations
sfx_bipbow_1 8A4A DJNZ sfx_bipbow_1
8A4C XOR A Output 0
8A4D OUT ($FE),A
8A4F DEC H Loop while H > 0
8A50 JR NZ,sfx_bipbow_loop
8A52 LD H,L H = L
8A53 DEC C Loop while C > 0
8A54 JR NZ,sfx_bipbow_loop
This entry point is used by the routine at start_siren_hook.
sfx_bipbow_2 8A56 RET Return
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