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85E4: Reveals the perp's car on the pre-game screen
Used by the routine at run_pregame_screen.
reveal_perp_car 85E4 LD A,($8007) Return if wanted_stage_number is 5 (the perp's car is hidden on the pre-game screen for that stage)
85E7 CP $05
85E9 RET Z
The perp's car is revealed from the bottom-up.
85EA LD A,$00 Load (self modified) height counter
85EC INC A Increment it
85ED CP $32 Max height is 50
85EF JR C,reveal_perp_car_0
85F1 DEC A
reveal_perp_car_0 85F2 LD ($85EB),A Update height counter
85F5 LD HL,($5D10) Load address of perp's car LOD
85F8 LD D,$00 Read lod.width_bytes
85FA LD E,(HL)
85FB INC HL Read lod.height
85FD LD B,(HL)
85FE CP B If height counter < lod.height, B = height counter
85FF JR NC,reveal_perp_car_1
8601 LD B,A
reveal_perp_car_1 8602 INC HL Load address of bitmap data
8603 LD A,(HL)
8604 INC HL
8605 LD H,(HL)
8606 LD L,A
8607 LD A,E Stride of bitmap data in bytes (D is still zero)
8608 EXX Bank for plot_sprite entry
8609 LD HL,$F4CD Address in back buffer to plot at
860C JP plot_sprite Exit via plot_sprite
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