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858C: Pre-game radio screen ("CHASE HQ MONITORING SYSTEM")
Used by the routine at main_loop.
run_pregame_screen 858C LD HL,$5D1D Address of setup_game_data
858F CALL setup_game Call setup_game
8592 LD A,$F8 Set var_a220 to $F8 (TBD)
8594 LD ($A220),A
8597 CALL setup_transition Call setup_transition
859A CALL clear_screen_set_attrs Call clear_screen_set_attrs
859D XOR A Reset car revealing height counter in reveal_perp_car
859E LD ($85EB),A
85A1 DEC A Set chatter priority to $FF
85A2 LD HL,($5D04) Load Nancy's report for this level
85A5 CALL chatter Call chatter (priority $FF)
This entry point is used by the routine at 85DD.
rps_loop 85A8 CALL draw_pregame Call draw_pregame
85AB CALL drive_chatter Call drive_chatter
85AE CALL reveal_perp_car Call reveal_perp_car
85B1 CALL animate_meters Call animate_meters
85B4 CALL transition Call transition
85B7 CALL draw_screen Call draw_screen
85BA LD A,($A231) Loop if transition_control is non-zero
85BE JR NZ,rps_loop
85C0 LD A,($963D) Return if chatter_state is zero (idle)
85C3 AND A
85C4 RET Z
85C5 CP $03 Jump to rps_xxx if chatter_state >= 3 (stopping)
85C7 JR NC,rps_xxx
85C9 CALL keyscan Call keyscan
85CC AND $10 Loop until fire is hit
85CE JR Z,rps_loop
85D0 CALL drive_chatter_stop Call drive_chatter_stop
85D3 JP play_start_noise Exit via play_start_noise
rps_xxx 85D6 LD A,$08
85D8 CALL NC,setup_transition If no carry call setup_transition
85DB JR rps_loop Loop
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