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B045: Hero car jump table
Values used to make the car move vertically (by self modifying draw_car). Used by B968.
hero_car_jump_table B045 DEFW $0D03 Main table (vertical delta describing an arc, TBD)
B047 DEFW $0A03
B049 DEFW $0703
B04B DEFW $0403
B04D DEFW $0200
B051 DEFW $FC06
B053 DEFW $F906
B055 DEFW $F606
B057 DEFW $F306 Sub-table (another byte pair) [suspect this really starts two bytes later]
B059 DEFW $0208
B05B DEFW $0406
B05D DEFW $0604
B05F DEFW $0802
B061 DEFW $0A00
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