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A60E: Counters
Used by the routines at main_loop and cpu_driver.
cycle_counters A60E LD HL,$A234 Cycle counter_A 0-1-2-3
A611 LD A,(HL)
A612 INC A
A613 AND $03
A615 LD (HL),A
A616 INC HL Cycle counter_B 0-1
A617 LD A,(HL)
A618 XOR $01
A61A LD (HL),A
A61B RET Z Return if it's zero
A61C INC HL Cycle counter_C 0-1-2-3 at half rate
A61D LD A,(HL)
A61F AND $03
A621 LD (HL),A
A622 RET Return
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