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5CF0: [Stage 1] Per-stage data
addrof_perp_mugshot_attributes 5CF0 DEFW attrs_ralph Address of Ralph's mugshot attributes
addrof_perp_mugshot_bitmap 5CF2 DEFW $0000 Address of Ralph's mugshot bitmap
ground_colour 5CF4 DEFW $7070 Screen attributes used for the ground colour (a pair of matching bytes)
tumbleweeds_etc 5CF6 DEFW $5E40 Loaded by AC1F. Address of table of LODs for tumbleweeds, barriers.
5CF8 DEFW $5E42 Loaded by 900F. Address of an array of 7 byte entries.
addrof_graphic_defs 5CFA DEFW graphics_defs Loaded by A465. Address of graphic definitions.
5CFC DEFW $5E54 Loaded by A53F. Address of graphics entry 3.
5CFE DEFW $5E81 Address of entry 9, but it isn't aligned.
data_5d00 5D00 DEFW $5E7E Loaded by A490. Address of graphics entry 9.
5D02 DEFW $5E93 Loaded by check_collisions_12. Address of graphics entry 12.
addrof_perp_description 5D04 DEFW perp_description Address of Nancy's perp description.
addrof_arrest_messages 5D06 DEFW arrest_messages Address of arrest messages.
addrof_helicopter_stuff_1 5D08 DEFW $0000 Loaded by AA69. Helicopter related.
addrof_helicopter_stuff_2 5D0A DEFW $000C Loaded by AA6E. Helicopter related.
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